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All I can say is sorry!

Best laid plans.....oh well.  Ok so here's the deal.  Despite having all week to catch up on my school work, I'm actually not ahead at all......I have a list of things I need to complete today for class on Monday and everyday life stuff caught up with me yesterday on things I had long neglected.  What does this all mean for you?  Well I've decided that rather than keep 200+ people dangling on a string to let you off the hook.  I'm not doing the Crumpiken's any more or any other legacy for that matter.  At least not until I'm done with college (And I doubt you all want to wait around for 4 years).  There's just too much going on with work, school and home.  I'm really sorry!  I know you all love them and I'm very grateful for having so many readers with both the Gibson's and Crumpiken's but having this one more thing really stresses me out.  

So I'm uploading the Crumpiken's and their old house (the apartment) for you all to play with.  Feel free to use them however you see fit.  If you want to have them in your legacies that's fine.  You all have my official permission to do whatever you'd like with both downloads.  Maybe I'll write something in the future but it'll be a while before I can get to that point.  

I'm disabling comments on my journal.  If you would like to leave me a message, you can do so on the Facebook page although I don't know how often I'll get around to checking it.  Thanks for all your wonderful support and good luck on the things you are doing!


Click here to download the:
The Crumpiken family

The apartment building


Crumpiken Legacy- Chapter 20-Gen2

Hi guys, thank you to everyone for being patient with me for my first week of college.  I have to say, go to college right after high school so you aren't trying to work 40 hours and go to school at the same time if you can!  I wish I had lol!  As I said before I'll try to get out at least one chapter a week so we'll see if I can manage that.  IF possible, I'll try to do 2 but I do have tons of homework and labs to do so I don't know if that'll be possible for a while.  A lot happens in the Crumpiken house this chapter so let's get on with it!  Oh and thank you to Kenndy97 for the great toddler hat!  I'll be using that for sure!Chapter 20-Gen 2Collapse )Comments are locked


Crumpiken Legacy-Chapter 19-Gen1

I can't hardly believe this is the last chapter of Generation 1.  I'm already working on the next chapter.  I also can't believe that I start college on Tuesday.  Seemed like that would take forever to get here :).  Anyway on with the chapter...
Chapter 19...Collapse )Comments are locked, please comment on a more recent chapter


Crumpiken Legacy-Chapter 18-Gen 1

Wow, I'm up early for a Sunday lol.  But I guess I was just to excited to get this chapter out and then continue working on my neighborhood.  I spent hours on it yesterday.  I'll have some photos for you soon.  And I might even need some testers when it comes time so keep that in mind if you are interested and don't get frustrated easily. It's also time for the heir vote and that will be posted at the end of the chapter!Chapter 18-Gen1 heir vote!Collapse )Comments are locked, please comment on a more recent chapter


Crumpiken Legacy-Chapter 17-Gen1

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a great weekend.  I'm going to be putting out 2 chapters this weekend.  The other may be up later tonight or tomorrow, depends on how quickly I finish shooting the second one.  I'm hoping to be able to spend a day working on my new neighborhood.  Don't worry, I'll post pictures when I have them.  Right now it's not much to look at.  I'm adding several polls to the end of this chapter because I've decided that this generation you get to vote for their LTW :)  Since I can pick whatever I want with Late Night I figured it was only appropriate.  Enjoy!Chapter 17Collapse )The polls are closed. You'll see what was picked very shortly in the next chapter.Comments are locked, please comment on a more recent chapter